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Before we start we give you a written estimate of what we'll be doing and what it will cost. Any additional work or service will only be done with your prior authorization.

We really really really love older bikes - some people call them 'classics', others 'vintage.' We think of them as something from yesteryear that should be ridden.  Steel tubing, intricate lug work, chrome, steel rims, balloon tires, patina, coaster brakes, 5-speed freewheels – just some of the things that get us excited about your older bike.


We start with removing all components and hardware – sometimes photo documenting as we go. Greasy and grimy parts get a solvent bath; chrome and other metallic-finishes are soaked in a weak acetic-acid solution to remove surface rust and tarnish. Everything is hand washed before being re-assembled.


If possible, existing components are used in the re-build. However, if a part needs replacing we have a large selection of used parts, in good to very good condition, available or, we can source what is needed to return your bike to it's period-correct splendor. Frames are waxed and the chrome and other metal polished to bring out the shine like a new bicycle. Generally, the only updated parts are tubes/tires, cables and housing, bar tape or grips, saddles and, the chain.  

If you want to have your bicycle repainted we can help with that.

We have strong relationships with several paint shops that specialize in bicycle-paint and have sources for new decals for almost any bike. We’ll manage the offsite painting/re-decaling process and re-assemble your bicycle in our Steamboat shop.

If you're interested in new chrome we'll also help with that. Chrome-plating is a federally regulated industry and, consequently, there aren't many chrome plating shops still open for business. We have worked with a few and can liaison with the chrome-plater as part of the restoration project.

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