We like to fix bikes – any and all bikes!


Our services range from changing a tube or tire, overhauling a drive-train, to safety

check-ups and complete re-builds. Our goal is to help you keep your bike in

tip top condition. Our services include:


  • Basic tune-up: a complete bicycle inspection that includes a wash, brake & derailleur adjustment, head set & hub check and a recommendation for other needs.


  • Major tune-up: basic tune-up plus your bike's headset bearings inspected and adjusted as needed, wheels removed, cleaned and trued, brake wear inspected, hub bearings inspected and adjusted as needed.


  • Premium tune-up: major tune-up plus drive-train cleaning and overhaul; this includes 

       removing and cleanining:

                 o crankset and chain rings

                 o chain

                 o derailleurs – pivot points and springs/pulley bearings and bushings 


We also offer a full range of additional services that include replacing brake pads, cables and housing, bleeding hydraulic brake lines, replacing shift cables and housing, installing fenders, baskets and kick-stands, installing replacement parts and re-packing bottom bracket, headset and hub bearings.

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